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Bringing the "focus back to nature" via poetry

Image by Casey Horner

Visitor on earth, writing about it

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We are on this planet briefly, and as "visitors" here, I like to believe that this "life on earth" is a journey or a trip we are on.

Now, what do we do when we travel? Don't we look for the best a place has to offer? And often in appreciation, are inspired to create, using our respective dominant creativity (whatever the form). 

This act of being a "traveler", experiencing this trip on earth, and getting inspired to create, mostly in appreciation and wonder, is what I refer to as "being an EARTHLING" -

Now, EARTHLINGs, the website, is an accumulation of all the "inspired creations" - mine, and that of fellow earthlings from across the planet!

Image by Geran de Klerk
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Visit the Poetry Earthlings YouTube for Poetry Readings and more - in awareness and appreciation of the natural world, the Earth and the Wild.

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Image by Samuel Ferrara

In this earth of variety, you long to find the taste of heavens;

Seek what every nook has to offer;

To even be lost in pursuit;

Dreaming infinite dreams through a finite consciousness;

Legions to experience, reality, the only setback;

And Darling, I ain't stopping you;

Flow in sync with your soul's content;

But if ever though, you feel satiated;

Take a moment -

Find the pulse of the same heavens, coursing through you;

Like a river, the mountains, constellations, and sunsets;

This "feeling" breathing;

Aligned, within:

And all you had to do was "be":

Being human enough to feel, EARTHLING.

Storyteller Earthling

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