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A Story in (a series of) Poems: E U N I C E

Writing & Photo by @bowski2022

Part 1


That woman next door

She's as old as her mother

A face brimming with grimace

Like a knot you'll never untie

You know the type I mean

Her eyes look inwards

Checking her heels

As she walks three paces quicker

Muttering amongst herself

Chewing on her last discussion

Never looking like she ever smiled

Or ever wanted to

A busy woman


Lists of lists

Newspapers carefully folded and placed in a damp suitcase

She liked greyhounds

She loved them

She had a few in her time

Hence her walk

Never keep up with her my mother said

She was off to the bookies

To place a bet

Only one mind

Although she could afford to buy the bookies

And probably the fish shop next door

She kept near the kerbside of the pavement

Like on a tightrope

Hugging each corner keeping pole position

Did I mention she swore?

Jeez did she just

Like a sailor my Nan said

And she knew

She married one

But not like Eunice

She was relentless

Uncomfortably so

It was more to do with timing

And where

Like in the queue of Marks when the Man second in front of her decided to take a call from his daughter who lives in Eastbourne

She c'bombed the poor soul

Even the loudspeaker blushed

She had little patience in queues

Her time was precious

She had her lists to complete

Without fail or delay

And God help anyone who gave even a millisecond of diversion

But Eunice had to get back

That M & S day in particular

Eunice was not alone in this life

She had Baltimore

Yes, you heard correctly


Her Persian cat

He was her list filler

And her best friend

To be continued…

About the Poet:

Poet, photographer, and aspiring writer, Bowski is on a journey of personal discovery, leading him back to Art, after studying it for 5 years. He has found writing to be his ally. As a Welshman, Dylan Thomas has dramatically influenced Bowski's work. Finding he is at his most creative when in tune with nature and the cosmos.

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