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a Story in (a series of) Poems | Meet EUNICE

Writing & Photo by @bowski2022

Part 2

Eunice was in her mid 70's.

She was pretty fit.

She was lean like dry spaghetti.

Perhaps as brittle too.

She had an immaculate posture.

Although sometimes difficult to tell in denim dungaree overalls and wellington boots, as she meticulously combed the floor, head down in an attempt to reach any destination.

Avoiding having to make eye contact with the outside world.

Her face was awkward.

She made it so.

With white shoulder length bobbed hair, that curved willingly under her waxed rain hat.

Brim jutting out like a smugglers cave.

She kept her, 'Annoyances' (as she called them), outside her private enclosure and kept her private enclosure, her world within an idiotic outside world.

Her long sleek arms gracefully tied themselves within her musical fingers, as they wrestled amongst themselves like two centipedes tickling one another.

She liked to wear mens woolly jumpers.

The type so manically patterned your focus would mesmerize you momentarily into your own subconscious then back again.

She had quite a few of these sweaters.

And they were in considerably good condition.

Despite most of them having had pound notes rubbed against them with great vigor.

Yes, Eunice always did this with paper money.

And had been doing so for so long she had forgotten why.

Though would treat each time as her first if questioned, claiming she was just rubbing out any debt before filing them.

To be continued……

About the Poet:

Poet, photographer, and aspiring writer, Bowski is on a journey of personal discovery, leading him back to Art, after studying it for 5 years. He has found writing to be his ally. As a Welshman, Dylan Thomas has dramatically influenced Bowski's work. Finding he is at his most creative when in tune with nature and the cosmos.

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